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Ozzie – New soft pastel portrait

Ozzie - Work in Progress

Ozzie – Work in Progress

Here is my recently completed soft pastel portrait “Ozzie” the sheltie in three stages. To get a closer look at the finished product, please view the portrait in my gallery!

I stress the “under-painting” process to all of my students, and thought I would take this opportunity to show the stages for anyone who was interested.

These three photos simplify the process greatly, but once you get the hang of under-painting, you will find it is actually quite a simple process that adds a whole new dimension to your soft pastel artwork!

Under-paintings are extremely important, especially for a soft pastel portraits on black paper. Apply your choice of a base color, blend the color down to “flat’ and expose the tooth in the paper again. Ideally, your black paper will be covered with a thin layer of pastel. Once you have the under-painting completed you can add details starting with your darkest colors and ending with your lightest.

If you are interested in taking lessons in soft pastel, please contact me for more information!